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How to play and win

Carton To play super lotto select 5 numbers from the first set of 35 numbers (1 through 35) and 1 number from the second set of 10 numbers (1 through 10).

You may also have the terminal randomly select your numbers, referred to as a Quick Pick.

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Game Rules

There are two fields of numbers. The first field has 35 numbers; numbered 1 to 35 and the second field has 10 numbers; numbered 1 to 10. Players select six numbers from these two fields.

Players select five numbers from the first field of 35 numbers and one number from the second field of ten numbers.

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How to win

In Jamaica, a player has the option of wagering $150 or $250 each time they buy a super lotto ticket. For a $150 wager a player has the chance to win a share of the advertised jackpot and a $250 wager allows the player to win the ENTIRE advertised jackpot, if he/she is the sole winner or the larger share if there is more than one winner.

Participant countries

Jamaica, Barbados, St. Maarten, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Kitts & Nevis, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Paraguay.
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